The Problem We Are Solving

SheTek sparks early interest in technology for girls, mentors them through the transitions into college and into the workforce, and pairs talented women with companies who need technology services and staff.


Why We Care

As a woman-owned minority enterprise, we understand the struggle that women face in the competitive landscape of technology. Chaya Pamula, Founder and CEO of SheTek’s parent company PamTen Inc., has worked with Fortune 500 companies for the past 20 years. We want to share our knowledge, technologies and connections with companies that advocate for the talented women and girls who are the future of our industry.

What We Do

  • Support companies that advocate for the advancement of women in technology.
  • Train and counsel women to find jobs in technology, excel in their careers and plan for career advancement
  • Build solutions for women-owned enterprises
  • Create an engaged network for women in tech
  • Ensure that future generations of girls are tech-savvy and have access to mentorship and training
  • Raise the overall percentage of women in technology by creating a pipeline of resources for the specific technology needs of companies


  • Consult partner organizations on hiring women to fill more roles in technology
  • Train and coach women employees of partner organizations to help advance their tech-specific careers


  • Place women in tech roles at partner organizations through SheTek staffing-solutions
  • Provide IT solutions for companies, developed by a women-inclusive team
  • Support women-owned small and mid-size businesses with SheTek Outsourced CTO services
  • Educate women business owners on how to use technology in their day-to-day business operations


  • Connect women in technology through the SheTek Community platform
  • Deploy SheTek employees and our C-suite board of advisors to mentor and counsel women and girls to help them build skills and advance their careers, further building the SheTek talent pipeline—both now and into the future
  • Partner with NGOs, academia, corporations, government, chambers of commerce, professional groups and other organization to advance women in technology

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